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Gaia is Planet Earth

When it comes to conversations about Planet Earth, no one is smarter or more engaging than Gaia herself!

I am feeling deeply inspired to share with you about a little talk I had with Mother Gaia a few days ago. And how perfect this message is because after all, Mother's Day is coming up!

As you probably know, I've been on this wild and crazy ride to greet the sun as it rises every day straight and today was Day 201 of this journey. Almost always I am accompanied by an Ascended Master or Angelic Being that offers up a beautiful message. A few days ago, the Being of Light that showed up was Gaia, the Sentient Being that inhabits Planet Earth. She actually shows up for me quite a lot and I've been nurturing a relationship with her for many years. She's an astounding Being!

Anyway, her message made me cry tears of joy. She told me that she is not suffering the way we imagine and for us to not worry so much about her. She said our worrying does more harm than the things we are doing that we think are harming her. Go figure!