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Gaia is Planet Earth

When it comes to conversations about Planet Earth, no one is smarter or more engaging than Gaia herself!

I am feeling deeply inspired to share with you about a little talk I had with Mother Gaia a few days ago. And how perfect this message is because after all, Mother's Day is coming up!

As you probably know, I've been on this wild and crazy ride to greet the sun as it rises every day straight and today was Day 201 of this journey. Almost always I am accompanied by an Ascended Master or Angelic Being that offers up a beautiful message. A few days ago, the Being of Light that showed up was Gaia, the Sentient Being that inhabits Planet Earth. She actually shows up for me quite a lot and I've been nurturing a relationship with her for many years. She's an astounding Being!

Anyway, her message made me cry tears of joy. She told me that she is not suffering the way we imagine and for us to not worry so much about her. She said our worrying does more harm than the things we are doing that we think are harming her. Go figure!

Gaia told me that everything that is happening on the planet is happening through her agreement and choice and that she is ascending into higher and higher frequencies by way of all that is happening. She told me she is thankful for her partnership with humanity and that we are all working in collaboration for the highest good of "All That Is."

Things don't always look positive, she said, but everything is part of a massive divine plan and we must all trust. She used our conflict with plastic as an example of something that doesn't look positive but that is actually helping us all.

When I heard this I could hardly believe my ears! How can that be, I asked her. She explained that the ingredients in plastic are teaching her how to create planetary molecular structures that are capable of disintegrating toxicity. She emphasized that by no means is she telling us it is okay to dump plastic or anything for that matter into her waters and her plains, but that we should not worry because she has internal mechanisms to resolve all of it. She continued to tell me that she is transforming daily. Indeed, that day there was tons and tons of seaweed on the shore, more than I have ever witnessed! I suspected she was purging and she smiled in confirmation.

Our job, she stressed, is to continue to tap into our Inner Wisdom and follow the guidance of our own Essence. She said is was very important for us to have compassion, forgiveness and love for each other. Again she used the plastic example as an opportunity for us to practice compassion for Her, for ourselves and for “the children who are inheriting the planet.” This is our lesson!! Ok, so now I am balling.

Let’s be compassionate and loving towards Mother Earth. Gaia is our Friend, our Nurturer, our Teacher, our Sister. And let’s do that for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Happy Mother's Day, sweet Gaia!

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