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Healing Your Genetic Codes

Join us online for the upcoming special

Quantum Healing & Rejuvenation Breath & Meditation Journey, The Online DNA Series


Within our DNA, within our chromosomes, within our mitochondria lies the past, present and future realities of our very existence as a Soul in a body. Our DNA actually creates our reality!! 

Unfortunately, through interfering belief systems and programming that we have received as individuals and also as part of the Human Collective, our DNA has been compromised. That is why we experience pain, suffering, deprivation and unconsciousness.

It is time now for us to take back our Sacred Divinity by reclaiming the purest essence of our DNA as our Souls intended.


Online Live on Zoom or completely remote if you can't join live

 6 Wednesdays from 7pm to 9:30 Pm Eastern Time Zone beginning on May 22nd

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