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Rave Reviews

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Akashic Records, Alchemy & ThetaHealing

Lily is one of the best healers I have met. I always feel so much better after my healing session. Her connection to what you need to support your journey and how to heal is unparalleled. I love her unique style of healing. I've even learned how to incorporate additional healing tools through her loving guidance.
I highly recommend her! A.S., Energy Healer and Transformational Coach (Boulder, CO)


Akashic Records, Alchemy & ThetaHealing

Lily’s ability to read my Akashic records has been an amazing experience and has enriched and impacted my life tremendously! Since the very first reading, I began to learn of the blockages I was carrying that brought me pain and suffering both physically and emotionally. These blocks have been with me since early in my past in this lifetime as well as lifetimes before – holding me back from health, happiness and my own power to heal.

An example of physical healing that stands out, relates to pain I was experiencing throughout my entire jaw. I had this discomfort as long as I can remember – more than 30 years and I had just become used to having the pain. During one of our sessions, Lily detected the heavy energy that was surrounding my jaw and she began to listen to her guides for instructions to heal ...and wow! I have not felt the pain since that day, which was just a few months ago!

Through awareness I’ve gained working with Lily and my Akashic Records, I am able to appreciate the value of knowing the negative conditions that get in my way because I now also know that I have the power and ability to be a part of my own healing journey!


I am forever grateful for Lily’s gift and for my new awareness and clarity through the Akashic readings. I so look forward to each reading knowing that I will learn another piece to my spiritual path of healing, forgiveness, compassion and self-love ... and most importantly, that all answers lie within… I never want the readings to end! ~~L.H.R.. Personal Assistant (Stuart, FL)

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Career & Life Coaching, Akashic Records

Every session with Lily is a joy and very productive. I know I can count on her to bring accurate information that will accelerate the journey towards my goals and dreams. Her listening is incredibly attentive and she is able to understand what is truly going on in a situation.

With an impressive database of knowledge of all things in the workplace environment and career field, her guidance in these scenarios is alway on point and highly valued to me. She is incredibly genuine and a gift to work with.  She has the gift of offering career coaching in a much broader sense than the traditional practitioner. As a distinguished Akashic Records practitioner, Lily is well versed in the laws of manifestation and spirituality. I believe this is a big reason why I was able to quickly get a new job that aligned with principles very dear to me. When I first started working with Lily I felt there were so many directions I could take in life and didn’t know which one to move in. Lily helped me narrow my focus and discover the path most involving my dream career.

Lily has consistently offered me great advice on many different scenarios where I feel compelled to write down what she says word for word. I saw a great improvement in my resume, my Linkedin presence, and my understanding of what I want to do long term. I’m always looking forward to my next session with Lily because I know it will align me more with what I am on the planet to do. I highly recommend Lily and her services! J.P., Operations Manager (West Palm Beach, FL)

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Akashic Records, Alchemy & ThetaHealing

I met Lily through a series of synchronicities this past summer. Little did I know it would be one of the most profound meetings of my life! I deal with chronic physical pain issues and have found Lily's tremendous ability to heal very helpful in easing some of my discomfort. But the real healing has come in the form of her Akashic work with me. Some of the greatest benefits have come through the re-discovery of my Higher Self, and her connection to the Ascended Masters. I am discovering things that I could not even imagine in my wildest dreams - a magnificent journey is putting it lightly...

Lily has made such an incredible impact on my life, my family and I are forever grateful. I strongly recommend anyone seeking Truth, Unconditional Love, and Healing to speak with will change your life forever and you may even start to realize what this Life is all about! ~~ B.C., Esoteric Financial Wizard (Denver, CO)


Akashic Records

Lily has been reading my Akashic Records for over a year with amazing clarity.  Her ability to tap into the wisdom of the Akasha and provide me with guidance from higher realms is incredible to witness.  Through information that Lily has accessed, I have had direction that has served me in day-to-day choices, for myself and for those whom I engage with in my life, both personally and professionally. In her generosity, Lily has also been teaching me to access the Akashic Records myself, which I have been practicing and where I am given knowledge and/or direction on how to cope with, learn from and engage in life in powerful and loving ways.  

In addition to the information Lily has accessed through my Akashic Records, I have been participating in the Enlightened Humanity Circle conference calls where Lily, and her partner Bonnie, provide beautiful and powerful information that supports me in raising my level of mindfulness in day-to-day endeavors. I am experiencing a sense of having greater clarity, increased confidence and a knowing that I am never alone.

All of Lily's healing sessions are filled with love, grace, compassion and an incredible amount of knowledge and desire for higher consciousness.  Having Lily in my life is a profound gift.  Forever grateful ~~ R.Z., Licensed Clinical Therapist and Addictions Specialist (Palm City, FL)

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Akashic Records, Alchemy & ThetaHealing

Lily is a bright light that shines unconditional love and profound healing. Her ability to read the Akashic records, perform Theta Healings, as well as Alchemy, has deeply impacted my life.  The messages she receives are delivered with clarity, accuracy and enough information for me to understand and integrate into my life.  Working with Lily has been significantly healing for me. I feel blessed to work with her.

Specifically, prior to Lily doing my first reading/healing, I had been experiencing a weird, lightheaded sensation for well over 4 years.  No doctor or test could identify what the issue was that had been causing this.  During the 1st session Lily identified and contained a particular energy/entity that was hovering around my head.  Once that was contained I was relieved of the dizziness and have not experienced it since.  I am eternally grateful.

I have also been studying with Lily and have taken her Introduction to Reading the Akashic Records and am also now in her Healing Power of the Akashic Realm Program. She is an amazing teacher who brings insight, clarity, fun, and results to the participants of the class.  It is a privilege to work with her. ~~ K.A., Actress, Film Producer & Director (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

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ThetaHealing & Akashic Records

My experience with Lily Winsaft has been not only life changing, but life transforming! 

After suffering with depression for years, and treating it with conventional therapy, dangerous mood altering drugs and antidepressants with little to no success, I had reached the end of my rope.

I had become so debilitated and isolated that I prayed daily for death....The pain was too great!

That's when Lily came into my life. With her love and guidance and her beautiful ability to help me heal through ThetaHealing.  This was done over the phone as we live in different states and it took less than an hour start to finish.  I began to feel better, almost lighter right away and I was out of the house the 1st day taking a short walk to the beach.

Within days I was working again and in a weeks time I was on my way to some serious healing through other modalities referred to me by Lily. Akashic Records reading was another spiritual modality used by Lily. This was and continues to help me with my journey forward with insights and information.

My gratitude is immense for what Lily has done for me. The healing that happened in my life, because of her guidance, compassion, love and spiritual ability was and still is nothing short of miraculous. Thankfully, ~~S.P.C. Sr., Home Remodeler (Boston, MA) 

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Akashic Records

Where do I begin? I can't express my appreciation to you enough. You are substantially "above the crowd" Lily, to an extent incomparable to most others that have similar abilities. You are in a class very few get to know or appreciate. It's lonely at the top!!! I do understand also that you truly are a reincarnated angel, and thank you for making that choice. 

Even if you are able to watch the sun rise every morning for the remainder of this lifetime, don't think that it will take "years" for you to reach ultimate reality because you are already very near the highest human vibration available. If you meditate with focus and determination, you will be sitting and talking with Babaji and Others, in "real" time!!

I am really happy to have met you, and I look forward to our next visit Lily! ~~ F.W. Traveling Missionary (West Plam Beach, FL)

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Akashic Records

I really didn't know what to expect from my Akashic Records reading with Lily! I was immediately put at ease with the peaceful environment that she created for me. Then she opened access to the Wise One and the Enlightened Ones! I was consulted throughout to ensure that I had clarity of anything that was shared with me. I was shown how I am in-charge of how my comments or requests are created for others. I was allowed to ask questions for further enlightenment. At the completion of my Reading I experienced a glowing warmth in my heart unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I was shocked to find that only I could feel the beautiful love that was emanating from my heart!!! The purist love that I have ever experienced! Totally mind blowing! I felt like I had received wisdom from God!!! Thank you Lily Winsaft! ~~J.P.S., Nuclear Medicine Specialist (Orlando, FL)

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Record reading that I had with Lily helped me to have a better understanding of myself in this lifetime... (you know, the Who's, the WHY's and What's?!) So much so that I have signed up to take classes with her. Lily is an amazing translator! I am so happy that our paths have crossed and look forward to learning from her. ~~J.L.B., Technology Marketer, West Palm Beach, FL


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records reading I received from Lily came at the perfect time in my life… I needed some answers, some direction. As I sat on the floor of a guest bedroom in my house with headphones on to block all other noise and energy, I joined Lily on the phone and experienced a sense of energy like never before. Lily was able to see and explain things about me that offered me a level of explanation for so many things in my childhood and current married life with children. The reading took her in directions that she didn’t even expect to take and opened my heart. I cried and felt a sense of relief and understanding. My problems weren’t fixed, but I had a map of sorts and tools that the guides provided to me through her. Later that evening I was overwhelmed with a need to visually display the picture of what Lily described to me through the reading and I couldn’t get to my canvas and paints fast enough… it came so fast! I felt a better connection with me and my children that same night and whenever I feel overwhelmed or anxious in this journey I use my new tools and with ease, refocus and re-energize myself. I know that this is all a process but I love getting my hands and heart on yet another tool for my toolbox. Thank you! ~~A.T. Office Manager (Atlanta, GA)

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Akashic Records

I hope that everyone will open their heart and mind to an Akashic reading . Lily is so informative and gentle in her approach in opening up the records. I was astounded by the accuracy in which she knew personal events in my life and listened to the guides carefully heal and enlighten me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lily for your Beautiful gift. ~~T.L., Actor, Film Producer & Director (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

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