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Wondering Where I've Been?

Blessings have been bestowed upon me in so many ways since my last newsletter update. Our family recruiting business is doing very well, thanks to my amazing son who manages sales and operations out of San Diego. I celebrated a milestone birthday (not telling which one) and Dan and I got engaged. We beat the market games and miraculously bought a lovely house in Hobe Sound, Florida. We love it our new home so much that our hearts literally sing each day.

My healing practice is growing and I truly feel that I am making a difference for Humanity. But, like many of you, I have also had to endure numerous family crises...enough that I had to suspend all classes and breath workshops as well as put off my podcast (yeah I too am jumping on that now somewhat antiquated trend).

During the last four months the world around me crumbled as I held together the pieces for several