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100 Sunrises & Forever

When I walked on the beach near my home in Juno Beach, Florida and met the sunrise on October 23, 2017 I did not expect that this event would become a 365 Day Challenge. I have risen with the sun many times in my life. Living so close to the beach is of course a huge advantage and motivator. But never had I thought about meeting the sun as it rises, day after day, rain or shine.

That first day I received a kind of "Code" from my Essence (aka Higher Self, I AM Presence). When I got home I drew the image I received into a journal. The image mostly represented light and there was a cross, a circle and something that looked like a check mark. The thought I was present to was, "Joy = Love." The message was clear to me...

"When we connect with unconditional love as who we are and where we have come from, we move into a space of oneness and unity...everything falls into place."

The next day I went back to the beach at sunrise and I received another image and another message. The image was an emerald green triangle with numbers positioned around it. The numbers were varying combinations of the numerics 1, 2, and 3. At first I didn't understand the image. But when the message came through I knew instantly what it meant. This message became the Happiness Key Code for Day 2 and I posted it on FaceBook:

"Movement creates space in your energy field so the frequencies of joy have a chance to flow through you."