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Happiness Key Codes - 40 Days

It started as a challenge to get back to my beach walks after avoiding my favorite activity for almost a year. The first sunrise I met in this series was on Monday Oct. 23rd, 2017. That day, I received a very special message about happiness. I was given a formula to download into my auric field. The formula was simple: "Joy = Love." I heard musical notes with it too and I was immediately hooked.

The next day I greeted the sun again and received another message: "Movement creates space in your energy field so the frequencies of joy have a chance to flow through you." I danced that day. And I started to feel lighter, less burdened than I had been feeling. I started calling these messages Happiness Key Codes.

Since then I have been rising to meet the sun every day. My absolutely favorite Happiness Key Code was downloaded on Day 16: "Make it easy for people to love you." Today I am celebrating the 40th day of witnessing the most amazing and beautiful sunrises of my life. The message this morning was:

"It's another day, another sunrise and all there really is to do is show up and breathe."

Here are 10 things I have learned: