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Happiness Key Codes - 40 Days

It started as a challenge to get back to my beach walks after avoiding my favorite activity for almost a year. The first sunrise I met in this series was on Monday Oct. 23rd, 2017. That day, I received a very special message about happiness. I was given a formula to download into my auric field. The formula was simple: "Joy = Love." I heard musical notes with it too and I was immediately hooked.

The next day I greeted the sun again and received another message: "Movement creates space in your energy field so the frequencies of joy have a chance to flow through you." I danced that day. And I started to feel lighter, less burdened than I had been feeling. I started calling these messages Happiness Key Codes.

Since then I have been rising to meet the sun every day. My absolutely favorite Happiness Key Code was downloaded on Day 16: "Make it easy for people to love you." Today I am celebrating the 40th day of witnessing the most amazing and beautiful sunrises of my life. The message this morning was:

"It's another day, another sunrise and all there really is to do is show up and breathe."

Here are 10 things I have learned:

1. Perseverance is a beautiful thing, it never fails you. 2. No matter where I am there is always a beautiful place to stand and greet the sun. 3. My day always starts with joy, and it's up to me to hold it in my arms as if it is a baby. 4. Bluetooth headphones work best for dancing. It's the hands free and wireless idea. 5. Dancing alone can be more embarrassing for those watching me. Bless their hearts. 6. At 72 degrees I need a sweater and a scarf; at 48 degrees I need shoes. Or boots if I am in Sedona in November. 7. When there's a lot of clouds, the sun is easier to view. Hmmm, I wonder if that is what duality is all about? 8. The regulars are very nice people, some seem to wake up on the beach. 9. The shoreline is constantly shifting and transforming, as it is so with our lives. 10. I never want to live without Pandora.

P.S. I'm amazed that it has not rained at sunrise for 40 days in a row

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