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Healing Trauma and Drama

Getting out of bed for my daily sunrise walk this morning was a not easy. It doesn't happen often that we get 30 degree weather in South Florida. I bundled up in layers, a scarf, gloves, hat and even wore socks and shoes. There wasn't another brave soul in sight when I stepped foot onto the beach at 6:32am. After a few minutes I really did think I might freeze to death. Instead, I was treated to a splendorous rising of the sun and an amazing array of the colors of nature.

Today was my 74th day straight meeting the sun when it rises to warmly greet us. Each morning when I walk, I receive some very special messages from the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters that guide and teach me in this lifetime. I always post one of those messages and 1 or 3 pictures on FaceBook.

Todays' message was this:

"Whatever you experience today, know that every moment holds the beauty of something new, the potential for love and the possibility of healing."

This message is a strong reminder for us to stay in the present moment, savoring it, releasing worry about the future, anxiety about the past, and allowing for the beauty of whatever is at hand to nourish us. Even when we are experiencing challenging moments, it is imperative that we not go off into the drama of whatever our personality chooses to interpret in that instant. Our personality thrives on drama and often, our I AM Presence or Higher Self (Essence) has to unwind and organize the drama that our personality has created. Sometimes the drama is so severe that it can carry over from one lifetime to another.

Today I witnessed a healing where we were shown how trauma can be healed through ancestral lineages and genetic inheritance. We were shown that a powerful frequency that will heal drama and trauma created by the personality in this lifetime or from past lifetimes is the frequency of rainbow light. Rainbow frequencies have the ability to alchemize trauma created as a result of our personality being in misalignment with our Essence.

As we reflect on any experience that is causing distress in us, let's download through the powerful intention of our Higher Self, beautiful rainbow frequencies to alchemize the pain and suffering that trauma and drama are inflicting on us. And let's always be intentional to stay in the present moment allowing for love and grace to move through every cell in our body!

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