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80 Days of Welcoming the Sun

The video below is a compendium of my favorite shots taken over the last 80 days of my sunrise walks. A few are from my week in Sedona. The rest were taken in Juno Beach, Florida. The music is by Rick Wakeman, one of my favorite composers. He became famous as the keyboard player for the band YES. The song is called "The Mermaid."

Wow, hard to believe that today is my 80th day waking up in time to meet the sun as it rises! On days when it was 40 degrees or colder, I bundled up with woolen hats, gloves and several layers of sweaters. On those days it was really hard to get out of bed. But I did anyway. And here's what I've gotten out of this journey so far:

1. It's been an amazing awakening to know the I am never alone. On every one of my walks I am accompanied by my Essence, the Ascended Masters, my Guides & Teachers, the Akashic Records, and the Angelic Realm. And always, always, Source is with me.

2. The messages I receive every day truly have humbled me. I've become a quieter, more gentle person.

3. Not without great hesitation and fear, I have abandoned vanity and self-consciousness to post videos of my walks on FaceBook. And I've included myself. Yikes!

4. Compassion has grown within me to levels I never imagined were possible.