Divine Healing Embrace

A Powerful Global Healing Circle
Every Tuesday from 12pm-12:45pm EST

Standing in the Light and seeing with eyes of Clarity all that you are, all that we all are, and invoking Love, Tranquility, Peace, Joy and Calm, we invite you to participate in a global endeavor to provide Humanity with Love & Healing during the chaotic times we are all experiencing.

Join me and other POWERFUL Alchemists/Energy Healers as we teach you basic energetic tools you can use immediately to transmute fear and panic into Love and Freedom.

This call is 20% information and 80% healing!!
Everyone can personally experience the power of energetic healing! We are all being asked to step into the Truth and Remembrance of who we are and why we are here...to inspire and ignite humanity on an accelerated path towards Enlightenment.

While we are all doing those common sense things to contain the virus, there is a much more powerful thing we can do...

to collectively seed the planet and the Quantum Field with LOVE and JOY!!

AND, of course, to stay out of fear, which is the powerful low frequency that feeds all viruses!

Take your place in the circle of this global healing opportunity. 

You ARE the Light that you've been waiting for!

This event takes place on Zoom.

Suggested Donation: $15

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Lily Winsaft

Lily is an entrepreneur, and a life-long lover of peace and harmony. Her passion is to align every human being with the remembrance of who they are and how they have come to choose their current lifetime on this planet. She wants very much for people to have access to their own wisdom and information. 

She is a high frequency Life Coach & Teacher, an Akashic Records expert, Dream Interpreter and a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader. A long time practitioner of ThetaHealing® and a Mastery Level III Alchemist, Lily guides you to connect with your Soul and receive your own information and wisdom. Her extensive background as an entrepreneur and corporate executive makes her an ideal spiritual guide for those that want to transcend “business as usual” and enter the world of “Conscious Leadership for the 22nd Century,” a phrase Lily has coined to inspire humanity to create a future that is Empowered, Worthy and filled with Light. 

"The greatest gift we can have is to know our truth and to be inspired by it!"

Lily has been "Walking with Ascended Masters" and the Angelic Realm for over 3 years straight. Every day at sunrise she receives powerfully inspiring messages from these Beings of Light that are helping Humanity.

You can follow her sunrise photos and posts on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/lwinsaft


Kat Butler

Kat Butler is a healer, a joyful rebel and spiritually curious woman. She is a Mastery Level III Alchemist and loves to educate others on how Alchemy can invite you to find your true self and discover the power of your Soul.

She has a deep reverence for the healing potential of the body and, as a Certified Raw Food Chef, uses her skills to educate people on how to bring balance back to the body, mind and spirit through nourishment in order to effect a healing.

Kat reads the Akashic Records, is a practitioner of one of the oldest forms of magic in the world – Animal Medicine – and is a budding herbalist. 

Kat believes we are called to bring laughter, comfort, encouragement, wholeness and love to this planet and all its inhabitants. She encourages her clients to live more consciously so they can start making clearer choices across all areas of their lives and emphasizes the necessity of appreciating the gifts of the natural world for healing and empowerment.


Diana Dubin

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” ~ Michelangelo

Diana Dubin is a master at guiding people to blossom into their highest, most authentic selves.

With a background as an entrepreneur, creative, and counselor, Diana’s unique perspective and innovative approach allows for healing on multiple levels.

Working with both individuals and groups, she offers practical strategies to enhance communication while also incorporating cutting-edge techniques for deep energetic healing, resulting in relationships that ultimately flourish.

Diana holds a master’s degree in Counseling from Penn State, and has completed training in many modalities for energy healing including Mind Clearing and Alchemical Healing.


Divine Healing Embrace Zoom Session Recordings

Our launch session took place on March 17th, 2020 and it was a beautiful call with over 42 guests.

Feel free to pass around the links as we publish them!


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