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Quantum Completion 2022 Breath Event
A Powerful Breath Workshop to Alter Your Future
For the first time ever, this event will be recorded and its magical experience available to you even if you cannot attend live and in person!!
No matter the level of your experience with breath modalities... you will ROCK this workshop!






This past year has been incredibly challenging for many of us. I know it has been for me. As I look back now, I don't have to delve too deeply to recognize that 2022 was a year of family crisis management at levels never experienced by me before. While I seem to have come out of it in some level of wholeness, almost every day I experience some PTSD from it all.


On a global level, we have been managing MANY crises...a continued pandemic, economic turmoil, COVID injury, vaxx injury, political upheaval that includes a huge disconnect with the truth, disease, lock downs and restrictions of all kinds, censorship, spiritual unrest and the list goes on and on.

One day I will write a story about this personal and collective journey and add it to the many that are being documented as I write this. Moreover, I'm certain your own personal version of this past year could be a best selling narrative!

Meanwhile...I can tell you that I am MORE than ready to complete 2022 and put it behind me for good! I am ready to create the space for a year of Miraculous Possibilities for 2023!

Join me for an extraordinary breath practice where you will powerfully transform any disempowering aspects of your relationship to the year 2022 for yourself and your family! This "completion healing" will clear the slate and free you energetically to design and create a miraculous New Year!

You have a CHOICE going into 2023. You can be at the effect of what is happening in the world OR you can know your TRUTH and  CREATE from the place of consciously exercising your FREE WILL! If you do nothing, your future will be determined by OTHERS. Of course, this will still fall under the category of choice, but it will be UNCONSCIOUS choice.

Are you ready to alter the trajectory of your future from a place of CONSCIOUSNESS?

In this Quantum Completion Breath event, you will receive an amplified version of the most powerful gift and tool you have access to ALL the time but forget how to use...access to the Life Force that pervades all space and time and that you receive through your breath!!!

Please register TODAY and join our amazingly powerful Breath Tribe and me as we enter a magical space of completion for ourselves, the planet and all of humanity. 

This special breath workshop will include a transformational teaching, inspirational messages from the Ascended Masters that assist our Tribe, clearing and healing of all trauma (small, medium and large) that you experienced in 2022, alchemical downloads, keycodes to assist you in creating a new template for your 2023 dreams/aspirations and, of course, a 1 hour breath journey. 

Date & Time:

Tuesday December 27th, 2022 (6-9:30pm EST)

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and everything you need to know.


Great News! For the first time ever, this event will be recorded so that you can benefit from this magical

experience even if you cannot participate live and in person on the 27th. 


Everyone that registers will receive the recorded teachings, messages, downloads, activations and guided breath       practice within 24 hours!

Additional Information


This dynamic practice will take place online (Zoom).

You will receive your link 24-48 hours prior top your event.


Don't worry if you are a beginner...we'll make sure you have an extraordinary experience!

We use elements of Transformational Breath®, a powerful modality that is a complete self-healing system using conscious connected breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. 

Additional information about the power of conscious connected breathing:


Eating well, restful sleep and exercise improve the immune system. But did you know that even the act of breathing properly is a proven way of strengthening our  body’s immune defenses?

Consciously connecting your inhale and your exhale is one of the simplest and most powerful tools we have. This act of conscious breathing has been used by shamans for thousands of years and has deep roots in practices like meditation, yoga, rebirthing, qigong and more.

Recent research on the mind-body connection utilizing our breath has been proven and science is agreeing.


Conscious connected breathing detoxifies and strengthens our immune system. 

Conscious connected breathing can also help to balance the nervous system, can help us overcome fears and anxieties, whether they relate to the current coronavirus outbreak or any other challenging situation. 

This practice greatly helps you to keep calm and tranquil no matter what is going on around you and in the world.

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