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New World Harmony Newsletter, December 2022 

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Harmony is a word I heard my entire life. My father, a Master teacher of the Kabbalah, was obsessed with the concept of harmony. So it is no surprise that in 2012 at the height of a personal and professional mid-life crisis I created New World Harmony, LLC. 

Interestingly, it has taken several years for the company to identify its true mission and to take off on its rightful journey…clearing the path to help humanity create Harmony, Joy and Peace in the midst of the intense global environment in which we now find ourselves.

Many of you have reached out to me and asked where I’ve been. The answer is that I’ve been buried managing a multitude of family crises. While it’s been painful and all consuming, I can tell you with all my heart that LOVE is what got me through this experience. 

Although my private practice has thrived, I haven’t been able to host an event for quite some time. We also were unable to facilitate our annual retreat - The Voice of Your Soul - this past year. Things are finally calm with my family and I’m ready to get back to the business of transforming the world one person at a time. And it starts with YOU!!

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Our world has been in turmoil for over 2 years and fear is the predominant response we seem to default to when confronted with so much challenge. Fear can be useful in life, but the biggest problem we face when fear is the default response is that we end up making decisions and taking actions that are not in our highest good, which leads to doubt and regret. 

LOVE, not fear, is what will guide us all through what is going on in the world right now. Our life journey does not have to be painful!

I know no better, more effective way to allow LOVE in so as to calm and soothe the heart from anything causing trauma, suffering and any impactful low frequency than to BREATHE…consciously…and to go within and rest in the stillness of your heart.

This month you have an amazing opportunity to alter the future of the current 2023 trajectory, not only for yourself but for all of humanity.

You have a CHOICE going into 2023. You can be at the effect of what is happening in the world OR you can know your TRUTH and CREATE from the place of consciously exercising your FREE WILL! 

If you do nothing, your future will be determined by OTHERS. Of course, this will still fall under the category of choice, but it will be UNCONSCIOUS choice.

If you are ready to alter the trajectory of your future from a place of CONSCIOUSNESS…

Join the New World Harmony Breath Tribe on December 27, 2022(12+27+2022=9, the number of completion) for a transformational journey to clear all disempowering trauma from 2022, powerfully complete the year for yourself and positively alter your life for 2023. 

We will be together from 6pm to 9:30pm Eastern. This event has already been imbued with the highest level 18th Octave LOVE frequencies available to us all collectively for the first time ever!


In this virtual live and recorded guided breath workshop you will receive powerful high frequency spiritual teachings that connect you with your Soul’s Truth, inspirational messages from Ascended Masters about how to navigate the coming year, alchemical downloads, self-healing keycode activations, crystalline downloads and activations, a 1-hour breath practice including a powerful integrative transmission from our Tribe Collective Soul, and MORE!

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and everything you need to know.

Great News! For the first time ever, this breath event will be recorded so that you can benefit from this magical experience and all the gifts and downloads even if you cannot participate live and in person on the 27th. 

Everyone that registers will receive the recorded teachings, messages, downloads, activations and guided breath practice within 24 hours!


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Don’t miss reading some of the amazing feedback from the participants in our past events as they share about their breath journey experiences with us.


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Sunrise Healing Circle

Going into 2023 our Sunrise Healing Circles include upgrades to immune system function, disintegration of toxins and foreign energy, downloads of micro-nutrients that enhance membrane assimilation of oxygen as well and increased hydration and so much more! In addition to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing we are integrating financial keycodes to give you assistance in creating prosperity.

For information and to register yourself or a loved one, please visit our website homepage.

Personalized Reading, Clearing & Healing for 2023

Receive a beautiful 1-page reading to help you navigate the coming year. I will work with your Spirit Guides and Council of Souls to assist you in receiving important information about how you can best prepare for 2023. 

This powerful reading includes personalized crystalline downloads, karmic and low frequency clearings, keycode activations, music/sound harmonizing and much more!

Use this reading to step into your clear and pure potential to own your

Truth and deliver on your Soul Agreements in 2023

in a way that empowers you! 

For only $75, consider gifting this reading to a loved one!


Click below to purchase your reading. You'll find your ticket option if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. 


While you’re there, consider participating in our beautiful upcoming breath event on December 27th. If you can’t join live in person, you can still benefit from this amazing breakthrough experience through the recording which is being made available for the first time EVER!

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The Art of Energetic Healing 2022-2023

Have you thought about the power that lies within you to energetically heal yourself and the world? You ARE a powerful healer and you KNOW it!

Join us every Saturday as we dive into the many layers of information we have available to us to assist us in taking our HEALING MAGIC to the next level.

This is truly the TRIBE you have been looking for!


To see our curriculum and register click below: 

Private Sessions


Here’s a little information about what you’ll experience in a private healing session with me:Although I work with several dimensions (astral, dream, angelic), the Akashic Realm is one of my favorite realms to access as it is extremely powerful and magical. The Akashic Realm can give you information about past, present and future lifetimes. You will also be able to access information about soul agreements with relationships, experiences and any aspect of your life that is ready to reveal its highest good.

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Every one of my readings/sessions involve healing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Because of my background in health, nutrition and psychology, you will love all the scientific information that comes through for any healing that has to do with physical, mental and emotional health. You will receive tons of clarity, healing and love. I have been utilizing energetic healing to help humanity for over 17 years. Everything I do is carried out with Love, Ease and Grace.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes and take place on Zoom. We will record it so you don't have to worry about taking notes. My fee is $200 per session.

Contact me via text or email with questions and to request a date and time for your session.

Lastly, remote sessions where you participate only energetically are also available, are led by your Higher Self and are sold in packages of 3 sessions for only $200. You receive detailed notes once the session is completed.

Please forward this information if your heart desires to share it with someone you know will benefit.. 

Sending you Love and Light always,





Lily Winsaft


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