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Announcing Our First Inspirational Weekend Retreat

Ascension Breath™ & Healing Intensive 

October 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th (morning) 

Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida

Don't Miss This Transformative Powerful Weekend!!

This “intensive” weekend is about learning to identify, discern and clearly hear the wisdom that your Soul is daily reaching out to deliver to you.

This retreat is for you if you are interested in accessing the vast storehouse of information you have been amassing throughout your many lifetimes.

You will learn how to use 6 different modalities to CLEARLY receive the information your Soul is communicating to you.

Ascension Breath™ is a conscious connected breath modality that utilizes alchemy and other energetic healing modalities to raise your electric grid frequency, enhance oxygenation in your body to help you heal, nourish stuck emotions so you can integrate them, and ultimately… connects you with Inner Joy and Freedom and facilitates the “knowing” of your

I Am Presence & the Divine.

Kashi in Sebastian, Florida is a sustainable, contemporary ashram and spiritual destination providing “an oasis for every heart.” Kashi means “The City of Light” and is the name of the ancient city of Benares in India, located on the Sacred Ganges River. At Kashi we can delight in the Sebastian River and all its magnificent wildlife and vegetation!


Register by September 25th: $595

After September 25th: $695

Accommodations and all meals included!


The Program

The Voice of Your Soul -
Conscious Access to Your Powerful Inner Truth


  • 5 Ascension Breath Healing sessions

  • 1 Kundalini Yoga Practice with Sound Bath

  • Learn how to read your own Akashic Records to receive your Soul messages 

  • Experience ThetaHealing to heal any health condition

  • Learn how to master Heart Centered Meditation and Mother Earth Grounding

  • Access messages from your Soul through the Power of Animal Medicine

  • Learn the basics of Alchemical Healing so you can clear blocks to manifesting all your creations

  • Connect with your Soul through our proprietary DreamWorker™ Protocol & Technique


  • Sunrise Walks with Ascended Masters

  • Kayak adventure tour on the St. Sebastian River (extra cost)

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • Nature walks

  • Have fun with creative inspiration through "Rock Painting with the Angelic Realm"

  • Kashi local green market

  • Kali Natha Yoga class

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