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About Me

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Compassionate.

A strong combination of corporate experience, enlightened business practices along with my spiritual education and upbringing will be extremely instrumental in helping you achieve what is rightfully next for you. As a humanity, we are creating a new world - these are very exciting times!  It is vital we each remember who we are and why we are here so that we can usher in this new world with Peace, Grace, and Love.

Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader. Certified Akashic Records Reader. Advanced practitioner of ThetaHealing® and Mastery Level II Alchemist.

Creator of the DreamWorker™ Protocol & Technique and the "Conscious Leadership for the 22nd Century Archetype."

You can count on me to deliver what you sign up for, and more. And to do it with compassion and profound love as I am always guided by Source.

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