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Career Coaching

There's never been a better time to take your career to the next level and align it with your life's purpose. Whether you are in transition because your last job ended or because you are making the choice to move on to something more suited to your spiritual path, our enlightened career coaching services will assist you in getting there!

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Life Coaching

We are all about bringing harmony to to your entire life. Forget about the proverbial balancing act. Something is sure to fall and break if you keep trying to juggle everything in your life while trying to be that perfect child your parents attempted to raise. Get over yourself and start living a life of harmony!


Conscious Leadership

Our executive coaching services assist you in bringing awareness and understanding to every aspect of your life that influences you as a leader. This awareness allows you to step into the full potential of who you are as a leader while preserving the human need to making the world a better place. We are focused on creating the Conscious Leadership Archetype for the 22nd Century.


Akashic Records Reading

In the higher dimensions of our planetary system’s inner world lies a fountain of knowledge and wisdom available to us all. From this ethereal plane we can gain information reflecting all the recorded memories of humanity – past, present and future. By accessing your personal Akashic Records you receive powerful information to maximize your connection to your Higher Self and Source.

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Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® can only be facilitated in person. Bring Cosmic Life Force into your body and witness the miraculous healing benefits of fully connected conscious breathing.

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The DreamWorker™ Journey

Are you aware that your subconscious mind speaks to you while you are sleeping? And that your dreams hold powerful messages that when understood consciously free you to understand everything in your life? Become a DreamWorker™ and not only discover your purpose but learn to execute on it!

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