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Distraction Is A Teacher

Distraction is something I am constantly aware of in my life and often resisting it to the point of making myself wrong for having it.

This morning on my sunrise beach walk I was in the middle of a major meditation and healing download that involved an entire generation. Suddenly, I was literally attacked by two little poodles that I'm sure were just trying to have some fun but whose owner has not had their nails trimmed in a long time. They scratched my legs pretty badly and interrupted the wonderful flow of light that was moving through my auric field. I was surprised at the anger and frustration that welled up in me. After washing off my legs in the beautiful salt water of the ocean, I had to refocus and concentrate on releasing the anger and forgiving the woman who broke the rules and was walking her dogs on the beach. It was not easy!

This was not the only distraction from my healing task at hand during my very intense healing walk. Indeed, it was a very distracting morning for me. Although the distractions kept coming, I was able to get back on my path and fulfill on the intention of my healing journey for the morning. Each distraction gave me a reason to pause and ascertain the reason for my attracting it. It's interesting how a distraction is designed to keep you away from what you are trying to attract. And yet, a distraction is something you also attract!!

In the Pathway Prayer (see Linda Howe), which is one of the prayers that my beautiful business partner, Bonnie Sax, and I use to open the Akashic Records, there is a sentence we say in silence: "Oh Holy Spirit of God...Protect me from all forms of self-centeredness; And direct my attention to the work at hand." These words are intended to help us be guided to where we want to be in the Records. Intention and Attention are very important when we are seeking wisdom and information from within!

But today, I learned that when distractions do show up, they are there to remind of us of something very important. And that is quite beautiful. One of this morning's distractions came in the form of a text and photo from a dear friend who was also at the beach watching her own sunrise a few miles away. It was a very sweet reminder of how blessed I am to have the most beautiful souls in the world surrounding me and blessing me with their grace.

Another distraction, a recently demised iguana, was there to remind me that I am in a beautiful process of transformation, shedding what no longer serves me and releasing "dead" energies back to the Earth where they can be transmuted back to Love and Grace, held for reassignment in the Grand Cosmic Truth.

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